Time to Create!

Welcome to Sewn of Six! This is a closed D&D 3.5 adventure written and mastered by Spazmatic Dragon. SOS is currently in the final stages of development. If you have been invited, now’s the time to create and submit your character! When you have some free time, click on the Characters tab above this message. It might be wise to make your character on a different medium and then copy down the information; Obsidian Portal is notorious about timing out at exactly the wrong moments. The limitations on character design are as follows:

  • All 3.5 books earlier than ToB and ToM are welcome.
  • Characters should be made at effective level 10. Monster races are allowed.
  • Starting gold is 49,000, the normal amount for level ten characters. As usual, no more than half your gold may be spent on a single item.

Can’t wait to see your characters.


The Narrator

Sewn of Six